About Me


My name is Melissa Sweet and I am thrilled to be joining the Glenn Arbour Academy team!  I’m excited to have the opportunity to learn alongside the grade 8 students.

I am a graduate of Brock University with an undergraduate degree in Honours Physical Education/Kinesiology.  I completed my Education program in Buffalo, New York.  After becoming a teacher, I taught Academic Writing, at the university level, for a year, and then moved to Trinidad to work at an international school which made use of the Ontario curriculum.  After returning to Canada I moved to Saskatchewan, where I taught grades 7-12/special education, for 6 years and then I returned to Ontario where I was teaching in the Kingston area.  I have a passion for learning and I’ve learned so much through my varied teaching experience.

My goal is to encourage every student in my classroom to become a life-long learner and I do this through example.  I have continued my own education to become certified to teach at the primary, junior, intermediate and senior levels.  I am a special education and EAL specialist and I’ve taken additional coursework in the areas of math, science and health and physical education.




"Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one." 

Malcolm Forbes