In terms of homework, Grade 8s should be doing approximately 45-50 minutes per day. There will be weekly spelling homework assigned every Monday and designed to be completed bit by bit at home, and a test every second Friday. 

Students may be responsible for completing work that was left uncompleted in class, as well.

The homework for Wednesday, November 14 is:

- Spectrum pages 5-10, 13 & 14 due Monday

- Students must confirm a book with me no later than tomorrow for their Independent Novel Study 

- History questions from this week are due Friday (p. 91 #1, p. 95 #1 & 2, p. 101 #1 & 2)

- Spelling Sentences due Friday


- Spelling Test next Friday

- History Ch. 3 Assignment due Wed. Nov. 21st

- History Test Ch 3 & 4 will be the week of the 26th 


Grade 8 students will be expected to spend time each night reading a novel for their Independent Novel Study over the next few weeks in order to complete the work on time. They are also encouraged to continue reading through the rest of the year & expected to be reading a book at or above level each night for 25-30 minutes (or more, if your child wishes!). If you have any questions about which sort of book is appropriate for your child, please contact Miss Percy. 


For remaining subjects please see Rotary @ GAA for teacher's pages.