Weekly Outline

Grade 8: Miss Percy

October 22-26



(Miss Percy)


The students continue to apply their knowledge of figurative language while reading through poetry with the goal of writing their own to submit for the Polar Expressions Contest. The students will continue with their spelling, writing a paragraph utilizing the words and will have their Spelling Test on Friday, October 26. For grammar, students will work with commas and end marks.



(Mr. Kudera)


Lessons 27- 30

This week, the students will focus on writing solutions using well defined labels, symbols, and language for mathematics.


There will be a Cumulative Test on Friday, October 26.


(Miss Percy)

The class will look at the changes in the map of Canada and gain an understanding of why the idea of Confederation came about and why.



(Mrs. Becke)


This week in science, Grade 8 students will be looking into the functions of both unicellular and multicellular organisms, and how these organisms are able to carry out living necessities with their unique genetic makeup.


Physical Education

(Coach Fretz)



Students will be taking part in soccer skills and games this week and cooperative games to earn points for their House (Torrin, Malliag, Kyleakin).



Visual Art

(Mrs. Adamson)


This week, each student will continue working on their independent POP Art Project in class.


French (Mme. Israil)


The students will  continue learning and practicing exercises on le futur proche and “ER” verbs. Students will be introduced to project Based learning “ French langugage appreciation:


Music (Mr. Kudera)


Theory: Baroque composers - Handel & Bach

Instrumental: Rhythm Pattern No. 1 & Etude No. 1

Choral: Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree



(Mr. Fretz)


Students will finish their informational commercial project this week using research from previous weeks.  They will also review their health test on Friday




(Ms. Khilnani)


This week they will be given their first skits to read through, we will discuss elements to the stage such as blocking etc.

Computers (Mr. Kudera)

The students will learn how to use absolute cell referencing in spreadsheets.