Weekly Outline

Grade 8: Miss Percy

January 21-25



(Miss Percy)



Students will be continuing their Mythology & Legends unit, finishing up Norse Mythology & branching into Egyptian Mythology. They will learn the structures of a myth and break down different stories into these parts. They will continue to identify the gods & their impacts on the world through their stories. They will continue gathering information for the myth they will be writing as a graphic novel.



Students will be wrapping up the types of sentences portion of Spectrum this week, covering simple/compound sentences, complex sentences as well as various clauses.



Students will be working on reading comprehension based on stories, articles and more, reading independently, in small groups, or as a class. We will be working on a mythology theme.



On Week 1, students are to write a sentence for each word.

On Week 2, students are to write a 250-300 word paragraph using 7+ of the words from the list.

The instructions and words will be posted to GoogleClassroom.

The next spelling test will be on Friday, January 18, 2019.



(Mr. Kudera)


Lessons 61-64

There will be a cumulative math test on Tuesday.  It will cover everything up to and including lesson 60.


(Miss Percy)

Students will begin the week with a short quiz on Chapter 1 and wrap up their first assignment on population growth. We will then move onto Chapter 2 focusing on Settlements & the Environment.



(Mrs. Becke)


We will continue our new unit on Systems in Action this week. We will focus on learning about the components of systems, how systems evolve, and simple machines.


Physical Education

(Coach Fretz)



Students will be taking part in basketball skill development this week.  Students will also take part in cooperative games to earn points for their House (Torrin, Malliag, Kyleakin).  


Visual Art

(Mrs. Adamson)


This week students will continue learning about our new unit, Pointillism. We will continue to work on our final collaborative project in class.


French (Mme. Grovum)



Students will begin their new unit on activities and past times.



Music (Mr. Kudera)



  • Overview of music history from Renaissance to 20th Century

  • Students will be given time to work on their music history overview during class


  • scales and primary chords of C, G and D major

  • Rhythmic Patterns #2

  • Bucket Drumming Study #1



(Mr. Fretz)

Students will begin their new unit this week.  Throughout this unit, they will examine substance use and addiction warning signs and consequences in the Substance Use, Addictions and Related Behaviours.  They will also examine mental health as well as stress management. This week, students will continue to learn about addictions and what may be causes of negative mental health.



(Ms. Khilnani)


Students will continue to work on their Shakespeare play A Midsummer’s Night Dream. Students will be asked to brainstorm a costume for their character that can be made up of clothing they have at home as well as any props their character needs. Students will be asked to practice their lines at home.

Computers (Mr. Kudera)

The students will continue to learn about desktop publishing using word processing software.