Weekly Outline

Grade 8: Miss Percy

March 25-29



(Miss Percy)



Students will be writing their own resume in preparation for our Career Fair on Friday, 29th. Students will discuss the commercials they recorded over the break focusing on Audience and Purpose & identifying persuasive techniques used. They will begin working with Propaganda posters from WWII.



Students will begin working in stations each week reviewing the concepts that will be most prevalent next year. We will build on the concepts they are struggling with through the rotations.



Students will be working on reading comprehension based on stories, articles and more, reading independently, in small groups, or as a class. We will be working with materials that highly the achievement of international women, during Women’s History Month. We will begin reading The True Diary of a Part-Time Indian as our latest novel study.



On Week 1, students are to write a sentence for each word.

On Week 2, students are to write a 250-300 word paragraph using 7+ of the words from the list.

The instructions and words will be posted to GoogleClassroom.

The next spelling test will be on Friday, April 5, 2019.



(Mr. Kudera)


Lessons 77 to 80


(Miss Percy)

Students will begin their community outreach within the school to encourage each class to do its best when it comes to recycling. THey will connect to other members of the community if needed to help further our cause of getting the city to pick up recycling. We will begin to discuss our next chapter in the textbook & continue PBL once a week throughout April.



(Mrs. Becke)


This week, Grade 8 students will begin by determining the pros and cons of automation in small groups. On Wednesday we will study for our quiz on Structures & Stability. The quiz will take place on Thursday March 28.


Physical Education

(Coach Fretz)



Students will be taking part in ball hockey development this week.  Students will also take part in cooperative games to earn points for their House (Torrin, Malliag, Kyleakin).  


Visual Art

(Mrs. Togneri)


Students will continue our new unit on famous artists. We will explore the life and art of Banksy.


French (Mme. Grovum)


Students will continue their work on the simple future.


Music (Mr. Kudera)



  • scales and primary chords of C, G and D major

  • Rhythm Exercises 1 and 2 for Buckets

  • Fanfare playing test Tuesday, March 26th


  • The Circle of Life



(Mr. Fretz)

Students will examine stress factors and ways to reduce stress in their lives. They will also examine mental health as a result of stress.  They will continue a research-based project on mental health and stress this week. They should be finishing up their survey activities and beginning to create a “findings” page which should show survey information for the grades studied.



(Ms. Khilnani)


We will be postponing the graffiti response unit to coincide with art. We will start prop building for the school play.

Computers (Mr. Kudera)

Digital Photography:  The students will study various examples of existing photographs and identify the good and the bad within each picture.